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Crafoord Forceps

Precision and Utility: Crafoord Forceps by Ameri Surgical Instruments®

Introducing the Crafoord Forceps, an essential tool meticulously designed for precise surgical manipulations. Ameri Surgical Instruments® is proud to offer this forceps, tailored to meet the intricate demands of modern surgical procedures.

  • ✔ Fine-tipped Jaws for Delicate Tissue Handling

  • ✔ Robust Construction Ensuring Longevity

  • ✔ Ergonomic Design for Surgeon Comfort

Exceptional Design and Functionality

The Crafoord Forceps stand out with its fine-tipped jaws that provide surgeons with unparalleled control during delicate tissue handling. Constructed with durability in mind, this instrument promises longevity without compromising on performance. Additionally, its ergonomic design ensures comfort, reducing strain during prolonged surgical interventions.

Key Features:

  • ✔ Fine-tipped jaws for delicate tissue handling

  • ✔ Robust construction ensuring longevity

  • ✔ Ergonomic design for surgeon comfort


  • ✔ Enhanced precision in surgical manipulations

  • ✔ Long-lasting performance with durable construction

  • ✔ Reduced strain for surgeons during prolonged procedures

Technical Specifications for Crafoord Forceps:

  • Material: [Specify]

  • Length: [Specify]

Optimize your surgical procedures with the Crafoord Forceps. For inquiries or assistance, contact our customer service team. Special pricing available for bulk purchases - fill out the form to secure additional discounts.

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