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Diethrich Bulldog Clamp

Secure Vascular Control: Diethrich Bulldog Clamp by Ameri Surgical Instruments®

Introducing the Diethrich Bulldog Clamp, an essential instrument for secure vascular control in surgical procedures. Ameri Surgical Instruments® upholds its commitment to excellence by providing high-quality instruments designed to meet the demanding needs of medical professionals.

  • ✔ Robust Construction for Reliable Vascular Occlusion

  • ✔ Precision Locking Mechanism for Controlled Clamping

  • ✔ Stainless Steel Durability for Long-lasting Performance

Exceptional Design and Functionality

The Diethrich Bulldog Clamp is meticulously crafted with a robust construction, ensuring reliable vascular occlusion during surgical interventions. Its precision locking mechanism allows for controlled clamping, providing surgeons with the confidence to achieve optimal hemostasis.

Made from high-grade stainless steel, this clamp exhibits durability that contributes to long-lasting performance in the operating room. The Diethrich Bulldog Clamp is an indispensable tool for procedures requiring precise vascular control.

Key Features:

  • ✔ Robust construction for reliable vascular occlusion

  • ✔ Precision locking mechanism for controlled clamping

  • ✔ Stainless steel durability for long-lasting performance


  • ✔ Secure vascular control in surgical procedures

  • ✔ Controlled clamping for optimal hemostasis

  • ✔ Long-lasting performance in the operating room

Technical Specifications for Diethrich Bulldog Clamp:

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Jaw Configuration: [Specify]

Ensure secure vascular control with the Diethrich Bulldog Clamp. For inquiries or assistance, contact our customer service team. Special pricing available for bulk purchases - fill out the form to secure additional discounts.

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