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Deep Cut Liposuction Cannula

Ameri Surgical Instruments®’ Deep Cut Liposuction Cannula

Our Deep Cut Liposuction Cannula is designed to provide secure connection. It is a unique tool for liposuction procedures or fat harvesting. The multi-lateral ports aid to expedite the suction process in a variety of orientations. This circumferential port’s configuration of cell-friendly liposuction cannula is effective for multi-plane soft tissue harvesting. This is designed for precise control and convenience. Utilizing Deep Cut Cannula technology, it provides optimal cutting power with every stroke. Its design ensures easy and reliable insertion, making it ideal for medical applications. Our Cannula provides you with a steady grip and maximum control during infiltration or harvesting. We offer a lot of options for connectors & additional handle for all sort of cannulas.

  • ✔ Aerospace Grade Anodized Aluminum to Ensure Long Life.

  • ✔ Non-Slip Gripping for Easy & Effortless Handling.

  • ✔ Can be Cleaned with Power Wash and Autoclave Methods.

Deep Cut Liposuction Cannula by Ameri Surgical Instruments®’

It is a uniquely designed surgical device created to make deep tissue incisions easy and safe. This tool features sharp cutting edges that quickly penetrate into the deepest layers of tissue without making a gaping, jagged cavity. It also features an ergonomic grip handle that fits snugly in the users hand, giving them maximum control over precise movements for precise cuts. Finally, the cannula provides a secure connection point to hook onto suction devices ensuring fast and effective removal of fluids from inside deep-tissue cavities.

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  • ✔ Precision cutting edges provide smooth and precise incisions

  • ✔ Ergonomic grip handle for maximum control resolution

  • ✔ Quality Stainless Steel construction


  • ✔ Quick and easy access to deep tissue areas during surgery 

  • ✔ Reliable cutting performance each time no jagged or uneven incisions 

  • ✔ Suction utilization ensures fast and efficient removal of fluids from areas

 Technical Specifications Deep Cut Cannula:

  • ✔ Material:  Aluminum

  • ✔ Length: 20 cm to 35cm

  • ✔ Diameter: 2.4mm to 5.0mm

  • ✔ Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated

  • ✔ Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes

  • ✔ Dull-Polished: Yes

  • ✔ Reusable: Yes

  • ✔ Grade: Premium OR

  • ✔ Latex: Latex Free

  • ✔ Sterility: Non-Sterile

  • ✔ Tests Performed: Boil, Performance, Shape

  • ✔ Packing: Individually Packed

  • ✔ QC Passed: Yes

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