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Freer Septum Elevator Double Ended

Ameri Surgical Instruments®' Freer Septum Elevator Double Ended

Introducing the Freer Septum Elevator Double Sided by Ameri Surgical Instruments®, a versatile and reliable surgical instrument designed for septal surgery procedures. Ameri Surgical Instruments® is a renowned manufacturer known for its commitment to quality and precision in surgical instruments. The Freer Septum Elevator Double Sided is a high-grade surgical instrument designed for precision delivery of precision tissue elevation. This double-sided elevator features a smooth cutting edge and an angled handle for improved control and maneuverability. Its angled design allows for easy access to narrow interiors, delivering a comfortable and efficient elevation experience. It is used for periosteal elevation in septoplasty procedures and the separation of the temporalis fascia in myringoplasty. It is also used in Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) for the identification of the uncinate process.

  • ✔ Serrated Handle for Controlled Movements

  • ✔ Premium Grade Materials for Reliable Service

  • ✔ Range Of Blades to Suit Diverse Indications

Freer Septum Elevator Double Ended by Ameri Surgical Instruments®

It is a double-ended instrument to help with moderate to thick septal cartilage manipulation. It features smooth tips with grooved blades and a single fenestrated blade that helps keep your grip firm and secure while performing intricate maneuvers. This tool enables smooth and precise elevation of the lower part of the mucoperichondrium perichondrium complex, as well as separation of the mucosa from surfaces such as bone or cartilage, making nasal waveplates manipulation easier. You’ll be sure to find a niche where it can prove useful in all sorts of surgeries! The Freer Septum Elevator Double Sided features a unique design with two working ends, each with a different curvature. The double-sided configuration allows surgeons to choose the appropriate curvature for their specific surgical needs, providing flexibility and versatility during septal surgery procedures.

Crafted from high-quality surgical-grade stainless steel, the Freer Septum Elevator Double Sided offers exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion. The stainless steel construction ensures longevity, maintaining the sharpness and integrity of the instrument even after repeated use and sterilization.

The ergonomic design of the septum elevator includes a comfortable handle that provides a secure grip, facilitating precise manipulation and control during surgical procedures. This design feature allows surgeons to exert the necessary force with confidence, enhancing surgical outcomes.

The Freer Septum Elevator Double Sided is suitable for a wide range of septal surgery procedures, including septoplasty and rhinoplasty. It is particularly valuable for elevating and separating the nasal mucosa from the underlying septal cartilage, allowing for improved visualization and access to the surgical site.

Ameri Surgical Instruments® maintains stringent quality standards, ensuring that all their instruments, including the Freer Septum Elevator Double Sided, comply with regulatory requirements. Surgeons can rely on the reliability and performance of this instrument in their surgical practices.

The Freer Septum Elevator Double Sided by Ameri Surgical Instruments® is a meticulously crafted instrument designed for precise and versatile septal surgery procedures. With its double-sided configuration and ergonomic handle, this septum elevator offers surgeons the necessary control, stability, and precision for successful surgical outcomes. Trust Ameri Surgical Instruments® to deliver high-quality surgical instruments that meet the demands of modern surgical techniques and contribute to successful patient outcomes.

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  • ✔  Double ended surgical instrument 

  • ✔  Smooth tips with grooved blades

  • ✔  Single fenestrated blade tip

  • ✔  Easier separation of mucosa from bone or cartilage for nasal wave pals construction 


  • ✔  Ensures accurate elevation & effective maneuver of mucoperichondrium perichondrium complex. 

  • ✔  Allows operators better analytical view during surgery with shallower depth insertion than conventional forceps. 

  • ✔ Easy access to small areas that conventional instruments will not reach due its unique design sections.

Technical Specifications Freer Septum Elevator Double Sided:

  • ✔ Material: Stainless Steel

  • ✔ Length: 19 cm

  • ✔ Ends: Double

  • ✔ Type: Sharp/Blunt

  • ✔ Tip Size: 5.0mm / 5.0mm

  • ✔ Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated

  • ✔ Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes

  • ✔ Dull-Polished: Yes

  • ✔ Reusable: Yes

  • ✔ Grade: Premium OR

  • ✔ Latex: Latex Free

  • ✔ Sterility: Nonsterile

  • ✔ Tests Performed: Boil, Performance, Shape

  • ✔ Packing: Individually Packed

  • ✔ QC Passed: Yes

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