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Haight-Finochietto Rib Retractor

Ameri Surgical Instruments®' Haight-Finochietto Rib Retractor

Introducing the Haight-Finochietto Rib Retractor by Ameri Surgical Instruments®, a specialized tool designed for thoracic and ribcage procedures. Ameri Surgical Instruments® is a trusted name in the medical industry, known for delivering precision instruments that meet the highest standards of surgical performance. The Haight-Finochietto Rib Retractor is a crucial instrument for providing surgeons with optimal access and visibility during thoracic surgeries.

Haight-Finochietto Rib Retractor by Ameri Surgical Instruments®

Crafted with precision, the Haight-Finochietto Rib Retractor ensures surgeons have the necessary tools for successful ribcage and thoracic procedures. This retractor is characterized by its robust construction and ergonomic design, providing the surgeon with a reliable and comfortable instrument for accessing the ribcage. The blades of the retractor are designed to gently but effectively hold back the ribs, creating a clear surgical field for intricate procedures.

  • ✔ Specialized tool for thoracic and ribcage procedures

  • ✔ Robust construction for durability

  • ✔ Ergonomic design for surgeon comfort


  • ✔ High-quality materials for durability

  • ✔ Reliable blade design for effective rib retraction

  • ✔ Smooth operation for precise surgical control


  • ✔ Optimal access and visibility for surgeons

  • ✔ Enhanced control during thoracic procedures

  • ✔ Minimal invasiveness for patient comfort

Technical Specifications for Haight-Finochietto Rib Retractor:

  • ✔ Material: Premium Stainless Steel

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