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Nano Fat Filter - Filtering Unit Only

Ameri Surgical Instruments®' Nano Fat Filter - Filtering Unit Only

Introducing the Liposuction Nano Fat Filter - Filtering Unit Only by Ameri Surgical Instruments®, a crucial component for efficient fat filtration during nano fat grafting procedures. It is a highly specialized closed system constructed of aluminum alloy that has been anodized for use in aerospace. The system allows surgeon to get the best re-graftable adipose tissue that can be used with 0.5mm, 0.7mm, or 0.9mm injector cannulas. It is the ideal choice for liposuction fat removal. This powerful filtering unit boasts an impressive separation rate of over 95%, allowing you to safely and effectively extract fat particles from other materials for easy disposal.

  • ✔ Aluminum Alloy of Aerospace Grade for Long Life.

  •  Product That Every Aesthetic Clinic Must Have.

  •  Precise Luer Lock Connection to shun any Leakage.

Nano Fat Filter - Filtering Unit Only by Ameri Surgical Instruments® 

The Liposuction Nano Fat Filter is a filtering unit designed specifically for surgeons performing liposuction procedures. It allows the surgeon to extract the best quality re-graftable adipose tissue, which can be used for fat transfer procedures. This filtering unit ensures that only the purest and highest quality fat cells are collected, maximizing the success and effectiveness of the fat transfer procedure. This specialized filtering unit is meticulously designed to separate and filter fat cells, ensuring the highest quality for grafting.

The Liposuction Nano Fat Filter features a precise and innovative design that effectively separates larger adipose tissue particles from smaller re-graftable fat cells. This ensures that only the finest and most viable fat cells are utilized for grafting, maximizing the success and natural appearance of the procedure.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the filtering unit is made from high-quality materials to ensure optimal performance. Its seamless construction allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, promoting optimal infection control practices.

The Liposuction Nano Fat Filter is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. It can be easily integrated into your existing liposuction setup, allowing for a seamless workflow. The filtering unit is compatible with various liposuction cannulas and collection systems, making it versatile for different surgical preferences.

Ameri Surgical Instruments® prioritizes patient safety and quality assurance. It is meticulously sterilizable, adhering to rigorous medical standards. This ensures the sterility and integrity of the fat cells during the filtration process.

Choose the Liposuction Nano Fat Filter - Filtering Unit Only from Ameri Surgical Instruments® to enhance your nano fat grafting procedures. Experience the precision, efficiency, and reliability that our instruments are renowned for. Invest in excellence and achieve exceptional results in your fat grafting techniques. 

Take the first step towards delivering the best care to your patients. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team for assistance.

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  • ✔ Specifically designed for liposuction procedures

  •  Filters out impurities and contaminants from extracted fat

  •  Allows for the collection of high-quality re-graftable adipose tissue

  •  Easy to use and compatible with standard liposuction equipment


  • ✔ Improves the success rate of fat transfer procedures

  • ✔ Enhances the overall aesthetic results of liposuction surgeries

  • ✔ Provides surgeons with a reliable and efficient tool for extracting and filtering fat cells

  • ✔ Increases patient satisfaction by ensuring the use of the best quality fat cells for grafting

Technical Specifications Nano Fat Filter - Filtering Unit Only:

  • ✔ Material: Surgical Grade Aluminum

  • ✔ Rusting Prevention Procedure: Anodized

  • ✔ Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes

  • ✔ Dull-Polished: Yes

  • ✔ Re-usable: Yes

  • ✔ Grade: Premium OR

  • ✔ Latex: Latex Free

  • ✔ Sterility: Non-Sterile

  • ✔ Tests Performed: Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape Test

  • ✔ Packing: Individually Packed

  • ✔ QC Passed: Yes

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