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Poole Suction Tube With Slip-On End

Ameri Surgical Instruments®' Poole Suction Tube

Experience unparalleled suction performance with the Poole Suction Tube with Slip-On End, proudly presented by Ameri Surgical Instruments®. As a leading name in surgical instrument manufacturing, Ameri Surgical Instruments® brings you a versatile and efficient suction tool designed for a wide range of medical procedures. The Poole Suction Tube is equipped with a convenient slip-on end, providing ease of use for medical professionals in various surgical settings.

Applications in Surgeries and Medical Procedures

The Poole Suction Tube is an indispensable tool in abdominal and thoracic surgeries. Its slip-on end design facilitates quick and secure attachment, making it ideal for suctioning fluids and debris during various procedures. Surgeons appreciate the versatility of this instrument, ensuring efficient suction in laparoscopic and open surgeries. The Poole Suction Tube with Slip-On End from Ameri Surgical Instruments® is a reliable choice for maintaining a clear surgical field and promoting optimal visibility.


  • ✔ Efficient slip-on end for quick attachment 


  • ✔ Versatile suction capability for diverse surgical procedures 

Technical Specifications for Poole Suction Tube:

  • ✔ Material: Medical-grade Stainless Steel

Elevate your surgical precision with the Poole Suction Tube. For inquiries or assistance, our dedicated customer service team is ready to provide support.

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