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Simpson-Luikart Obstetrical Forceps

Ameri Surgical Instruments®' Simpson-Luikart Obstetrical Forceps

Experience unparalleled precision and safety in obstetrical procedures with the Simpson-Luikart Obstetrical Forceps by Ameri Surgical Instruments®. These forceps are meticulously crafted to facilitate smooth and controlled delivery during childbirth, ensuring the well-being of both mother and baby. Ameri Surgical Instruments® is committed to providing high-quality instruments, and the Simpson-Luikart Obstetrical Forceps exemplify our dedication to excellence in maternal care.

Precision in Obstetrical Deliveries

The Simpson-Luikart Obstetrical Forceps are designed to provide precise control during obstetrical deliveries, allowing healthcare professionals to navigate the birthing process with confidence. With their ergonomic design and carefully aligned blades, these forceps offer optimal maneuverability and minimize the risk of complications, ensuring a safer and more efficient childbirth experience.


  • ✔ Ergonomic design for comfortable handling 


  • ✔ Precise control for safer obstetrical deliveries 

Technical Specifications for Simpson-Luikart Obstetrical Forceps:

  • ✔ Material: Premium Stainless Steel

Trust Ameri Surgical Instruments® for the precision and reliability you need in obstetrical deliveries. For inquiries or assistance, our dedicated customer service team is ready to provide support.

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